Track Your Projects’ Time and Finances with Ease

Equip your team with user-friendly time and budget tracking tools. Tap into the financial health of any project with a single click and without the need to generate a report.

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Time and Expenses Tracking

Get valuable insights into your time and money spent to improve your planning and resource management workflows.

Easy Time Tracking

When you depend on your team members to enter their information in a timely and accurate manner, time tracking should be only as accurate as your team.

With Easy Projects, each employee chooses the most convenient time tracking method: single entry, weekly submissions, or a built-in timer with a stopwatch functionality.

Time log available in Activity Center, My Assignments View, Timesheets, and Mobile app.

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Advanced Time Reporting

With a well-maintained time tracking system, you will realize immense efficiency gains as you reduce redundant activities and direct energy as needed.

Once you have your time logs submitted, you can immediately put this data to action, by running a variety of essential reports e.g. The Timesheets report for a detailed breakdown, or the Payroll Report for calculating employee wages.

Always Stay On-Time and On-Budget

Track financial health across all projects and make smart decisions powered by relevant up-to-date data in one place and in real time using the Easy Projects robust project budgeting software.

Get Full Visibility Into Costs and Expenses

With the EP project budget management software, you can quickly set up your budget and track actual costs against it.

  • Compare estimated and actual costs
  • Convert planned expenses into actual ones within a single click
  • Add and manage actual expenses with the EP mobile app for iOS
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Plan and Monitor Budgets in One Place

Avoid project cost overruns with thorough planning using our project cost management software.

  • Plan your target budget in advance (labor costs will be calculated automatically)
  • Track both planned and actual expenses
  • Build up projected budget and estimated internal cost
  • Prevent budget overruns

Gain Insights into Your Projects’ Financial Health

Uncover the financial health of your project with a single click, no complicated reports required.

  • Use the Financial Overview feature to see key metrics on a single screen
  • Review and analyze easy-to-read comparison charts
  • Track and manage expenses on-the-go to meet budget limits
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EP project risk management tool screen

Identify and Manage Project Risks

Use our Risk Indicators functionality to see and efficiently manage troubled projects.

  • Get notified about troubled tasks
  • Spot and fix issues
  • Prevent risks from occurring
  • Snooze risk indicators as required
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Looking for More Flexible Billing Options?

We have a special solution!

Birdview PSA supports both Fixed Cost and Time & Material billing models, enabling you to charge your clients using various billing options.

  • Project rate (flat fee or hourly)
  • Activity rate (flat fee or hourly)
  • Resource (employee) rate
  • Rate cards

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