Financials and Billing

Track Budgets
and Costs

Managing a budget is a crucial part of any project. With Birdview PSA you can quickly set up your budget and track it against actual costs in real-time. A number of additional metrics such as Cost Variance, Work in Progress, Estimated Budget Profitability, Upfront Billing Utilization, and more are also available
for advanced financial planning.

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Flexible Billing

Birdview PSA supports both Fixed Cost and Time & Material billing models, enabling you to charge your clients using various billing options:

  • Project rate (flat fee or hourly)
  • Activity rate (flat fee or hourly)
  • Resource (employee) rate
  • Customer rate
  • Rate cards

Rate Cards

If your billing rates vary from project to project, Birdivew PSA will enable you to set up custom rate cards that reflect the unique roles, specialties, and levels of expertise for each of your project teams.

Your billings will automatically update based on the rate cards you have assigned to each role within the team.

Real-time Financial Metrics and Targets

Uncovering the financial health of your project shouldn’t be a guessing game. It shouldn’t even require a report.

This is why we created a “Financial Overview” for each of your projects. Metrics related to Revenue, Profit, Labour Costs, Project Expenses, and more are all at your fingertips. Easy to read bar graphs plot “expected vs actual” for key financial categories such as labour costs, project billings, and project expenses.

Additionally, Financial Targets help you see at a glance, whether you are going over budget and allow you to track against pre-set financial goals for Revenue, Budget, and Profit - all in real-time.

Track Time and Expenses

Team members can easily track both planned and actual expenses to build their projected budget and estimated internal cost.

Expenses can be marked as “billable” when an expense is charged to a client and as “billed” to indicate that the expense has been invoiced. Time tracked by employees can also be recorded against clients, projects, and tasks and marked as billable or non-billable.

Integration with Invoicing Systems

Once you’re ready to bill your clients you can easily push your billable time and expenses to an invoicing or financial system of your choice (e.g. Quickbooks, NetSuite, Deltek, Microsoft Dynamics, etc).

Planned and actual payments can also be tracked within Birdview PSA.

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